At our next EQ Garth Hewitt will be with us speaking on the role of protest in music.
Garth has a vast experience of involvement with many of the needy areas of the world and I'm sure it will be very interesting and  challenging for us to hear him speak as a musician and as an activist for justice. 

Do feel free to pass the word around and invite friends  See you there.
 Dave & Pat


What a brilliant night! The diverse group of musicians that makes EQ so unique were treated to pearls of wisdom from our guest speaker Mark Beswick who in spite of being unwell modelled for us how we should walk through the storms we face and see them as pathways into a higher calling that God has for us. 
It was a privilege to hear him as he shared his perspectives on being a musician for Christ in the mainstream & worship arenas, leading us into a time of response that was moving & profound for many.
Once again God wrapped himself around us with His loving arms reminding us of our destiny and His sufficiency and that it is in living out every aspect of our life for Him that we put ourselves in a place of true worship .


  'ACHOO...somebody blow my nose!' wailed Nev on the guitar as he and Mark Rogers traded songs back to back in a contrast of styles and it was clear we had arrived at EQ's November meeting, particuarly when Mark brought us into a spirit of worship with his song, 'Emmanuel' and Christmas felt ever closer!  Dave spoke about different songwriting methods quoting artists such as Blake and Van Gogh and even struck up an inpromptu, adlib version with Jo Dore of the old standard, 'Under my Skin'


However, the heart of the evening was driven by the group, where we followed an interesting and thought provoking trail of discussion concerning inspiration, methods and tips for writing songs, words and music. Everything from the books we carry around with us to write in or draw in, the old question of lyrics or music first? Pictorial images, learning to leave compositions alone or push on through until the work is finished and drawing from our own experiences.

The next meeting will be 10 January 2005. Keep an eye on the site for further details!



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